My pulse during Rubik’s Cube: Multiple Blindfolded.

I have used the pulse meter in my Microsoft Band during my Rubik’s Cube: Multiple blindfolded practice.

I messed everything up in the Euro 2016 Rubik’s Cube: Multiple Blindfolded and got a DNF (3/8). I was a bit nervous and memorized things wrong, corrected it and got stressed up and in the end I even popped one of the cubes. I was wearing my Microsoft Band at the Euro so I got a nice graph of my pulse during the attempt and thought it would be funny to show it to others. I also showing some graphs from my practice. Some of them are not “full” attempts (not doing maximum numbers of cube I can do in an hour). This is “just for fun” and the measuring method of my pulse has questionable accuracy but I think it is possible to read something valuable for some people from this.

Attempt on 6 cubes

5/8 cubes

Quick attempt with 3 cubes


This one I was rather shore I would do my first 6/6 when I was solving witch I think mirrors the pulse. During memorization I remembered the cubes rather easy and the solving started nice “col” and I was not stressed at all. On the last cubes as started to think of doing my best results at the time. I had two flipped edges on two of the cubes.

This last one is from my DNF at Euro 2016.